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Philip J. Philliou

Good points. Very clever - "the history of scurvy parallels software development methods."

Arthur Petrou

Very insightful and the historical truth is unbelieveable. Former US Army Vice Chief of Staff Peter Chiarelli led the efforts of the Army--ignoring whatever the medical service corps wanted--and forced through changes for traumatic brain injury. When he was asked at the Harvard Club, how could he ignore the combined and overwhelming viewpoints of the medical service branch about TBI, particularly as he--Chiarelli--had no direct medical experience, Chiarelli responded: "General officers command specialists who have spent as many years analyzing their specialities as any medical specialist. The difference is, of course, that the logistics principles of Wallenstein and the arithmetic calculations of the drop of a fired artillery shell by Capt. Bonaparte were true when originically developed and are true to this day. More data has been generated but what Wallenstein and Capt. Bonaparte calculated were true then, at a time when medical science dictated that leeches be applied to drain "bad blood."" The General made it clear what he thought of combined medical thought.

David B. Black

The story about TBI is priceless, thanks for sharing...

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