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Diane Meier

All well-said and documented.

I'd only add that if Apple were my client and needed the public to believe that their security was "flawless", the last thing I'd want would be publicity about a commercial service that effectively snapped open the phone. Good grief, wouldn't you think that they'd have built at least the 'idea' of a secure lab where only the Apple Wizards could crack the code?

David makes the bungling point from one of efficiency and ethics. I'm just saying that even from the point of Strategic Positioning (my corridor), this was a terrible decision.


Stephen Shapiro

Not to mention that Apple's intransigence – all of a sudden – is simply the incentive for new federal legislation requiring federal access pursuant to court order, which they would certainly like even less then simply setting up a secure law enforcement aid system to look like and be the good guys.

Zeb Quinn

Prove that Cellebrite, or anyone else, actually cracked the phone, and that the FBI isn't lying, saying they did, just to save face.

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