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Jim B.

Infinitely easier said than done. The toolsets here either require a team of java engineers to babysit or huge design compromises. That and the business fundamentals like backups and recovery and DR are all still in the build-it-yourself-from-scratch realm. Its not that it can't be done, its just a massive engineering time-suck to solve a problem you probably don't have. You'd have to be drowning in VC money you don't know what to do with to blow it on building your own datastore.

Hopefully this all changes quickly, riak's addition of secondary indexes was a big step forward and the various branches of galera in the mysql ecosystem look super promising, but right now, in 2014, you can solve these problems much cheaper/faster with a (handful of) single physical instances using SSD.

David B. Black

What I meant wasn't building your own data store from scratch, but using one of the many post-DBMS tools that are available, for example redis. I also meant taking a post-rows-and-columns approach to data structure, for example documents in some format. I guess I wasn't clear enough.

Thanks for your comment, I couldn't agree more that evolving an existing place away from DBMS is a nightmare. I've done it in a couple places by applying the concepts to new projects.

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