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Thank you for your thoughts and the Atlantic actirle, which I consider a modern classic' and alas, although I am outgoing and interactive,I am also an introvert.Recently we relocated from Europe ((yeah, that goode//ugh olde one')) and I have been shell-shocked ever since, on a quasi-daily basis by being stuck in endless voice-mail-trails starting with punch 1 for English' andsoforth ending with we have changed our menue options' which leaves me clueless and exhausted and really frustrated after 20 min of achieving : NOTHING.Except wasting my time.Just talking of basic everydaythings like calling a utility company.Can't wait to get back to the ugh-olde-Europe.Gee, how can you Americans tolerate this ?-March 15, 2005 at 5:33 pm


Twitter is like playing. The thing you have to remnid yourself of is every interaction gets your name noticed. Name recognition is the #2 reason people buy a book. (#1 is recommended by a friend). So even though you're playing, you're also selling your books.The time management is something we all have to learn. I like to pop in, say something, then log off. I get @replies sent to my phone, so I am still available to respond. Is this how I always do it? Sadly, no. I get sucked in by all the fun exchanges and get lost for hours at a time. It's something I need to work on.

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