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Brian Corrigan

Interesting article. This brings to mind many other examples of what happens when we allow our engineers enough time to actually RTFM; REST vs. XML-RPC for example. Disregarding the abundance of loose interpretations that exist, the general concept of REST is what you get when you _actually_read_ the HTTP RFC (and thank goodness someone did). XML-RPC is what you get when you don't understand underlying concepts likes HTTP verbs, edge caching, etc.

David B. Black

Excellent comment, and I love your example of REST, which goes in the face of decades of fashion orthodoxy about state-ful, method-heavy RPC's (back to client-server and before!). Dare I say CORBA? Even today, people are creating interfaces and calling them REST; god forbid they should RTFM.

Xiotech created a RESTful interface for the ISE, but even internally, they had to exercise considerable effort and diligence to assure that it actually was REST.

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