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You still avoid to give the real answer. What IS the best programming environment? People like you contribute to the vague in this world. Vague is when companies hide their prices and ask you to call them, Vague is always based upon fear to perhaps not give the correct answer. Its eassier and trend related to talk vaguely. Sorry dude, Your wasting peoples precious time.


Did you even read this? There IS NO best environment! Its about how good you are and what you need done. I thought it was a good article.

I feel like its more of a "Which is best for me" question instead of a "Which is better" question.

Tandayo Nagato

I appreciate this article.
There are too many discussion about programming environments.
But it is not significant for the result of software development.
We should select suitable language and most popular environment is true.
But we should write more code rather than searching best programming environment.


Well, In my humble opinion, The question was not answered, but not for the reasons that you might suspect.

In the strict sense, C# is a language - it has constructs, objects and methods. It is not, in the strictest sense, an environment. Visual Studio is a programming environment because it is a milieu in which the language of your choice can be wielded.

It seems that there have been efforts to build environments around popular languages and this is a good thing. However, l believe it can muddy the waters with regards to distinguishing the language from the environment.


There isn't any one particular lagnuage that is more friendly than another, it really depends upon the way you choose to use the one you select.The thing to consider is this Search engines spider web sites and they index the *static results* of the pages they vist So, if you are using a server-side script to generate a page, the search engine will index the resulting HTML, *not* the script that generated it.Depending upon what you're using the script to do, this can cause interesting indexing results, especially if you're depending upon user inputs to generate page content.Again though, the choice of scripting lagnuage is up to the programmer and their comfort level. I personally recommend PHP, simply because it's open-source, very wide spread, and easy to use.

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