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Tom MacMillan

is this a blog or just a paid advertisement from Xiotech? It's a stupid argument based on a flawed assumption - that all of your data is on 'one disk'. There are storage systems with large disks that also virtualize the data, so even if you use very large disks, many of them are working for you - its never 'one one disk'.

David B. Black

I'm a techie who works for a firm that has an investment in Xiotech, and many of my posts are about our companies, as I disclose in my bio. While this is not a "paid advertisement" from Xiotech, there is definitely self-interest here.
That having been said, there is wide acknowledgment in the storage industry that the increasing capacity of disks leads to performance issues, for the simple reason that head movement and rotational speed have changed little in the last 10 years while disk capacity has gone up dramatically. And of course SAN's virtualize over many disks -- but for a given capacity, they have many fewer disks than in the past.
The problem is seen the most in applications that really need high storage performance; the ESG post that I quote states this view clearly. (ESG is the storage industry's leading analyst group.) So if this is a "stupid argument based on a flawed assumption," then I have loads of company -- including the many storage users who are swallowing hard and buying SSD storage devices that are hugely expensive in $/GB terms -- but at least they perform.

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